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Deployment & Family Readiness

The M&FRC provides support services to help single and married DoD personnel and families meet challenges associated with all phases of deployments and remote tours. Deployment-related programs deliver information, support and assistance, which foster competencies, coping skills and help personnel and their families deal with mission demands and family responsibilities. 



Pre-Deployment/Remote Briefing

  • This briefing covers a variety of topics to get both members and families ready to include Finances, Communication, Childcare programs, Support Services, and much more.

  • Offered twice a month.  Mandatory for AD deploying members.  Spouses are highly encouraged to attend.



  • Reintegration is a process not an event. This briefing updates members on available local support agencies and gives information on what to expect in the days to come. 

  • Offered weekly.  Mandatory for AD deploying members.  Spouses are welcome to attend.

Family Workshops

  • Available on Request.  Informational workshops for families of those deploying or on a remote tour. Coping with Family Separation, Stress Management, and Communication Skills are also covered.

    • What to Know Before They Go

    • Kids Serve, Too

    • All About Reunion

Additional Resources

  • Military One Source: Free services - Financial Counseling, up to 12 personal counseling sessions, relocation info, tax services, order books, videos and materials for kids, and so much more.

  • American Red Cross: 24/7 Emergency notification and AD member locator           1-800-951-5600

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